Anjana Jain is a graphic designer + illustrator who is currently the senior designer at the Smith Journal. The artist grew up in Bangalore, India, and later moved to sunny Dubai, UAE in 2010 where she lived
and worked for 7 years before making the big move to Australia. She currently lives and works in Melbourne, Australia (The best city in the world!) with occasional projects in Dubai, UAE.

Anjana's love for bright  and colourful things is evident in her artworks. She is also an avid traveller and has a liking for all things quirky.The artists says she is always motivated by people around her  and gathers inspiration every day, from her observations. 

Anjana's name has the Sanskrit origin and is pronounced as 'uhn-juh-nah' in English. 

You can check her other work on

Scarves designed by Anjana