WMEN is an inspired collaboration between some of Australia’s most talented female visual artists and India’s skilled third generation silk artisans to bring colour, luxury and comfort into everyday fashion. From whisper-soft versatile silk and lace camis to bright statement scarves, our apparel and accessories reflect chic and effortless confidence.

WMEN is designed by women, made by women, for all women.
Through our collaborative partnerships with artists and weavers, we celebrate creativity, passion and skill. Our Australian designers showcase their unique designs, whilst we also create employment opportunities for Indian weavers who lovingly craft them into staple and timeless silk pieces.

We only use 100% Authentic Indian Silk, an elegant and luxurious, breathable natural fibre that is also completely sustainable and biodegradable.
We have also considered your convenience in our fabric selection. All our pieces are hand- washable in cold water or machine wash on a gentle cycle.