How it all began

As I start to write this blog, I can't help but smile at the fact as to how my life has gone a full circle. I started my career as an intern in an editorial team of a tabloid in India and worked as a sub editor for the lifestyle section for almost two years before leaving my home country as a new bride to the ever sunny Singapore. 

Life was never the same after that. Now 8 years, 3 countries, 6 homes, a career graph so heterogenous, it took me sometime to figure what I really wanted to do in life. In this quest of trying to follow my heart, with a passion for fashion large enough to consume me and a curious mind of a 3 year old I started Wmen the label. 

WMEN is inspired by you, me, your best friend, my best friend, your sister, my mother and every woman who has inspired us in many ways. It is about effortless fashion for an urban creative who lives freely but not neglectfully. A label that is  about making a statement without overpowering you. It is bold but not outrageous. It is big but not heavy. It is quality but not expensive. 

With a strong sense of social responsibility towards the society and the planet we live in, Wmen finds joy in giving as much as it finds joy in colours, cuts and fabrics. 

So tag along and have a bit of fun with us on this journey.